A Virginia Beachy Shoot


Now that I own a swimwear company, I add my own personal statement to the line in every facet from the design to the culture, and of course the photo shoots. Something that is near and dear to my heart is where I call home. Although my feet have touched the sand all over the world, there is just something to be said about the beaches of Virginia. I needed to grab some new swimwear images that have not been featured before, so I thought, why not just step outside and capture the local beaches?



So to help me, I immediately reached out to someone I’ve known for years, Marcus Holman  and whom I have worked with several times on other various projects. I just love how he works because he knows what he wants, he sets everything up, and captures the shots he likes within minutes and we’re off to the next shot. Very quick, and I like that!  Just about anybody who’s anybody in Virginia Beach has worked with him so I feel honored to have the opportunity on this shoot.


I have an upcoming event at the Bellagio  in Las Vegas and I really needed new images for them and a new brochure. Marcus helped me choose the ideal location and we went from there. He actually was the visionary in every aspect of this particular shoot.  If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, I suggest you take it.  I love the guy but more so, I love his dog! Dakota is Marcus’s furry sidekick, assistant and mascot. You can see her in many of our behind the scene pictures on this blog post. If the truth be known, maybe I secretly work with him because I know she will always be on location.  Haha!



And true to my luck with Mother Nature, we had to push the shoot back a week due to weather so when we finally started I was excited. I never seem to have enough time in the day to get all the things I need to do done so when things get pushed back it’s really a setback for me. Of course, about an hour into the shoot it started thundering and some nefarious lightning began shooting down out of the sky.  Not exactly a good sign for cooperative weather. We continued to shoot and it eventually passed. Glad to report we all avoided lightning strike.  I guess God knew that I really needed to get this shoot over with.  Haha!


The models for this shoot were AMAZING and a lot of fun to work with. We had girls on skateboards, surf boards, in the pool and in the ocean.  It was a lot of fun and a different look from some of my other images.  My favorite part of the shoot was having Dakota  on set.  She had to be in every shot from the beginning. It was hilarious.


If you notice, one of the models is one of my original 3 girls from my very first Sadie Ray Swimwear shoot.  I try to stay loyal to those girls because they’ve been with me from the beginning. Two of them have since moved to the West coast but I still have access to Abbigale Reddington  and I hope she doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon!  I absolutely love working with her.  She’s a doll.



Oh and check out this sneak peak… doesn’t Abbey look fantastic in my exclusive Bellagio cover-up?


As far as the other girls, I knew Julia Roberson but had never worked with her before and just met Taylor Watrous and Jessica Thomas  that night.  Marcus helped connect me with them and I am glad he did! They were incredible to work with.


Over all I am thrilled about how this shoot turned out and I cannot wait to share these images with you and of course, talk about my upcoming Bellagio event so stay tuned!


Until then…enjoy the salt life!










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