The Unconventional Beauty Behind The Mojave Valley Swimwear Collection

The world is a beautiful place, and I think we often forget that. The inspiration for the Mojave Valley collection came from my desire to bring awareness to this beautiful planet that God created for us. Further inspiration came from Joshua Tree in Southern California. I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful it was when we first arrived; an overwhelming feeling of peace had come over us. I wanted to find something different from the usual swimwear landscape for this collection, and since the desert isn’t the most common place to find a girl in a swimsuit, I figured why not? We often think of the desert as a desolate, dry place with little spur or inspiration. However, I wanted to change that state of mind with this shoot.



The location was perfect; it was a balance between stunning and unusual; the perfect spot for an unconventional shoot. There are some places that God spent more time meticulously perfecting and making beautiful. I definitely think that Joshua Tree is one of those places, and it is one of this world’s great creations that fit perfectly in my vision. Because we were in the desert, I wanted the color palette of this line to be both rich and bold so that each piece would stand out against the landscape. In designing, my main inspiration came from the beauty that this Earth has formed. Through choosing a new location every year, we are demonstrating our appreciation and gratitude for this beautiful planet He created for us.

The models used for this shoot could not have done a better job.

Audrey Bradford (IG: dreysdiary)

Estefania Preciado (IG: bootsthefeline)

Audrey and Estefania are beyond beautiful, and our photographer, Cory Wright (IG: corywwright) captured my inspiration perfectly (as he always does!). Cory has been on my team since almost day one; he is young, passionate and his soul is on fire for life and doing good in this world. People like him are who make shoots like these not only beautiful, but unforgettable and extraordinary as well.

These models tho… Audrey and Estefania stood out as they reflected against the beauty of the Joshua Tree. There are little pieces of each of ourselves and creativity embedded in these shots.

Upon arriving at the location, we had such a difficult time choosing the perfect place to shoot. EVERYTHING was simply gorgeous. There were rugged rock formations and quiet, desolate desert landscapes that were both mysterious and captivating. The formation of the rocks illustrated the true power and strength through nature and we ultimately decided to shoot atop those massive works of art, formed more than one hundred million years ago! It was such an enriching experience, and I had a few laughs in addition to the shots we got. Working with the lovely models and photographer was definitely a contributor to the amazing experience that I had with shooting this new line. The reason that it was a bit different for me is likely because I was the oldest one on this trip, surrounded by twenty-somethings. Needless to say, I guess my age was showing because I didn’t understand half of their jokes! It’s cool, I did still hang in there with the trash talk that was exchanged between us in between laughs, and it was definitely an interesting way to bond with each other. I am a collector of memories and the memories I created during that shoot are reflected in what is evoked by the images we captured together.

I cannot wait for what is in store for Sadie Ray Swimwear in the future. There are some fabulous projects in the works and I am beyond excited to share them with you…but you’ll just have to wait and see! I expect us to take it back to the beach for the next location we choose. The beach is definitely a spot that will always hold a special place in my heart, and is always a surefire location for a swimwear photoshoot! We are currently in the process of designing the 2018 line, but of course, it has to be a secret until we get there!

Before then I have a sort of travel bucket list, and my next goal is to hit Spain again. The last time I was there was thirteen years ago, and I remember walking into a church on the side of the road and just feeling my faith strengthen before me. I couldn’t understand what the people were saying as they were speaking in Spanish but I knew their intentions and who they were talking to.  At that point I hadn’t given my life to Christ but I loved the feeling I had sitting in that church.  The people there were some of the most amazing people I’d ever met in my life and I can’t wait to go back and experience Spain with all of the experiences I’ve gone through under my belt. I hope to introduce my work to one of my biggest inspirations one day.

The Mojave Valley Collection is unique, as is the location where we shot it. I love all of the exclusive suits that exciting travels and experiences helped me design. Out of all of these suits, I definitely think that my favorite would have to be the Aria. I designed it to be a two-piece bikini that can also be made into a one-piece by slipping on the mesh overlay. This suit lets you be either daring or conservative, maybe depending on your mood or the location you’re at.

Need a Aria 3 piece bikini in your life? Stalk here.

Overall, Joshua Tree was an unconventional location for one of my most memorable shoots. I could not be more proud of the contribution from all of those who helped me make this a reality. I also could not be more thankful for God blessing me with these talents, and these beautiful, breathtaking locations like Joshua Tree.

Can’t wait to take you with me again on the next adventure. Until then, keep up with the latest promos, sales and creations on Instagram @sadierayswimwear or on my Facebook page


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