Sustainable Swimwear: The South Beach Collection

Your day is about to get a little bit better because I am super excited to announce the next summer obsession… and our new line of sustainable swimwear, *drum roll* The South Beach Collection!

Whatttt? Sustainable swimmies?

This swimwear line has a little extra bit of special-ness that I am really eager to share with you. What makes this swimwear line so special, you ask? Oh, sunshine, let me tell you. It’s thefabric. Y’ALL. This fabric. Is. The. Bomb. Seriously, this fabric is killing it as an eco-friendly option for looking hawt on the beach. Let me give you the lowdown: first, this fabric has been tested to be TWICE as resistance to all the yuck that wears your swimsuits out fast. Think chlorine, suntan lotion, oils… they don’t stand a chance against this new swimwear line. Plus, these suits are made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, which makes sure they hold up to ANY activity you have planned while rocking your bikini. You can ditch that lounge chair and dive right into those crashing waves that are calling your name! Oily sunscreen, chlorinated pool water, and the hot, hot summer heat can’t keep you down when you’re rocking a suit from this collection.


Okay, so along with all of that, I’m going to get a little techy on you, so hold onto your floppy sun hats. The suits are made with Econyl®, which is 100% regenerated polyamide fiber from post-consumer materials. So not only do they hold up better than those other swimsuits, they’re also made with sustainable fabric. So put it on, take that selfie, and proudly use those hashtags when you post on Instagram #EcoFriendlyBeachBabe. There’s nothing more empowering while you’re surrounded by nature, whether it be at the beach, your own backyard, or some secret destination than knowing your fashion choices reflect the sustainability that our environment needs to thrive and stay as beautiful.

Can we also just talk about how friggin’ cute these suits are? Like, nothing says summertime quite like the color lineup we got going on here. We’re going back to our roots on what makes summer so memorable by creating suits that are simple, chic, and stylish. With a variety of swimsuit options that fit your coverage needs, you’re going to want to wear at least one of these suits when you’re strolling back to the bar for a third mojito. No worries, we’re not judging. Too busy gawking at your swimsuit.

For real, you guys, this swimsuit line gives me life. Whenever I go to the beach or pool, I’m always thinking in the back of my mind that I need to chill out to make sure my suit doesn’t get ruined. Now, I’m not even worried about it. The South Beach Collection isn’t a suit made to stay dry, y’all. Past swimsuits haven’t been able to keep up with my fast-paced life and drive for adventure, but this swimsuit line… its two-way stretch, shape retention, and resistance to chemicals means there is no way I can just sit back and watch the waves. I’m jumping right in. Are you with me?

Check out the rest of new South Beach Collection here.



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