Sadie Ray Miami Shoot

After launching my line, I realized quickly, that there was a demand for more pictures. My line is so diverse in the sense that you can mix and match and put together so many combinations that I needed to schedule another photo shoot. This time, it would be a little different from my first shoot. {Gulp} I would be one of the models this time. So I hopped on a plane, bid the snowy Virginia weather adieu and took off to stick my toes in the sand of the beautiful beaches of Miami!


There is just something wildly therapeutic about being barefoot and digging your feet in the sand!

Being a model for many years and connected to the fashion industry, I have been blessed to meet many talented photographers. I’ve known and worked with Wildcard Studios for at least 10 years. Check out his insanely talented work here.  I love his artistic style and how he takes his work seriously. It also is a bonus that he’s so much fun to be around. For example, he can make you laugh when you’re trying your hardest to be serious.  There were a few times that I was concentrating on making a sexy face and he’ll say something about it that forces me to bust out laughing.  I wish I could say I hated when he does that, because I’m usually in the zone when he will crack a joke. That is when he usually snaps the perfect shot. I always end up really liking the unexpected candid shots.

IMG_2780 (3)
Behind the scenes picture of Wildcard Studios shooting model Raquel Gibson

When I thought about shooting in Miami, I wanted to use a model that was beautiful and had natural beauty. I immediately knew who I wanted for this photo shoot! Raquel Gibson. Check out her other great work here.  I have actually worked with Raquel Gibson about 10 years ago and have stayed in touch with her over the years. Not only is this girl gorgeous, Raquel is also one of the sweetest and most caring people I know.  I feel blessed to be able to call her a friend and to have worked with her here in Miami!

IMG_2847 (2)

This behind the scenes was taken with just my iPhone. I told you, Raquel is gorgeous!

The challenge we faced on this shoot was the brisk cold front that blew through Miami on that particular day. Murphy’s law right? The one day we pick and plan for weeks for this shoot and it was freezing! What did help that I was working with Wildcard Studios. I was familiar with him and he helped bring me out of my shell.

At first, it was never my intention to model my own swimwear. I was being faced with the challenge of people connecting me with my swimwear line since it’s named after my grandmother. I haven’t modeled in so many years that I thought I wouldn’t know what to do once I was put in front of the camera lens again.  I WAS SO NERVOUS!!  I worked hard and dedicated myself to the gym 5-6 days a week. I made sure I was eating as healthy as I possibly could…only cheating at night. I’m so glad I had no one walk in on me at home in my room posing, practicing and modeling for weeks prior in front of the mirror.  That would have been a bit embarrassing.  LOL!

IMG_2789 (2)
It may not appear this way, but I trust me, I was nervous and COLD! Good thing Wildcard Studios was
there to make light of a chilly and challenging day!

Once the shoot was over, I had a chance to let down my hair, relax and soak it all in, literally. Of course, the day after the photoshoot, it was a warm and much less windy day in Miami so I was able to sit by the pool and just take it all in. I had been so nervous for weeks leading up to that shoot. It wasn’t just that I would be modeling my own line there were so many other factors that contributed. In the past, I would just have to show up and everyone else stressed over everything else.  This time, it was all on me. I had to schedule the photographer, choose location, pick the pieces to wear, coordinate with the model and OMG… did I mention SHOOT IN MY OWN SWIMWEAR!?  Now that the shoot was over with I was able to take a deep breath and just lay by the pool and be me.  Nowhere to be…nothing to do.  It was nice.  Sounds too perfect right? It was. I got stuck in Miami for an additional three days due to snow in Virginia Beach and my connecting flight in Atlanta.  But you know what? I wish I could say I was upset about that but…..who are we kidding?  It was Miami!  There are worse places to be stuck in. Am I right?


Now what did you expect? Of course I would be wearing one of my suits! I am wearing the Charlie Classic Top in bluegrass and the Charlie low rise bottoms also in bluegrass.

Until the next Sadie Ray travel adventure…






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