DIY Pumpkin Mask



Pretty much anywhere you go these days you will find something pumpkin or pumpkin spice flavored. We have to feel just a little bit sorry for poor Fall as it has been rightly overshadowed by the term “Pumpkin Season.” But wait, now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, there  really is not much time left for this short pumpkin flavored season.  Do we just forget about this epic squash like it never happened until next year?  No!  You repurpose it into something even better than a boring jack-o-lantern or table decoration. You make a facial mask. That’s right,  pumpkin for your face! Pumpkin is packed with vitamins, zinc, and antioxidants. 

Benefits to your skin:

Pumpkin contains Alpha and Beta carotenes, vitamin A, C, K and E and potassium and iron. It has natural enzymes that help dissolve dry skin AND it is a potent antioxidant that will battle free radicals in your skin that cause wrinkling. They also help protect your skin from age spots too!

If you take a look around you may notice a surplus of all things pumpkin laying around your house. You also can probably even get a good deal at your local grocery store since they are trying to get rid of the pumpkins and make room for the eggnog and candy canes.  So before you toss out those pumpkins and bring out your Christmas decorations, try throwing together the quick and easy mask!



The Mask: Mix together 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree (can pumpkin works too!) and one egg.  Adding a raw egg may sound gross (don’t eat it!) but the yolk helps add nourishment  to the skin while the egg white will provides a tightening effect to the surface.

Have Dry skin? Try adding a few teaspoons of honey, which will add in the moisture and because of honey’s antibacterial properties, it will help prevent breakouts.

Want to Exfoliate? Add 3 tablespoons of raw oatmeal

Have Oily skin?  Mix in just a splash of apple cider vinegar, for an astringent effect.

To Apply

1.      Mix

2.     Leave on for 15 minutes 

3.      Rinse with cool water and a mild cleanser


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