A Sadie Ray Kind of Blog

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Psst… Hey you. The one with the keyboard or smart phone reading this blog for the first time. Thank you for finding us amidst the blogosphere! At this point you have found our site and discovered our addiction um, I mean passion for swimwear. We are more than just a swimwear company. We believe in showing you our quality through our product line, preserving beauty through our style, and showing our passion through our design. Above all that, we want to keep summer alive all year long even on the coldest of days.

Our blog is not just a platform for dishing on the latest of our swimwear styles. It will touch on health, fitness, relationships, natural beauty tips and oh so much more! We will even have popular guest bloggers share their beauty advice from time to time. Alright, enough said right? To receive our latest blog posts, please follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!


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