5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil Everyday

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Guilty. I hopped on the coconut oil fad-wagon about two years ago. Like many fads, they fizzle out, the whole been there, tried that, moving on mentality. I can report with 100% certainty that I have yet to move on from it. Dare say it, coconut oil is not just a trend, it is a staple you should have in both your everyday health and beauty regime.

Personally, I am a big fan of Pina Coladas, extra bonus points if it is literally served out of a coconut.  But the coconut is more than just a tasty vessel.  It has an endless array of health and beauty uses. Let’s name a few shall we?

  • In the Kitchen

Coconut oil should be a staple item in every kitchen. Your grocery list should be in this order: milk, eggs, bread, and of course coconut oil. Coconut oil does not breakdown when heated to a “smoke point.” Whereas in other healthy oils, they change into harmful compounds.

  • Dietary and Health Uses

Studies suggest that a small daily serving of (1-2 tablespoons) can boost your metabolism due to its high content of lauric acid. Coconut oil also has medium chain triglycerides or “MCTs”. MCT’s are metabolized more rapidly in the body. Coconut oil also seems to decrease your cholesterol.  Which makes it sliming and heart healthy!

  • Makeup remover

I have raccoon eyes. Partly from allergies, definitely from lack of sleep, sprinkle in some genetics and now you have a cocktail for some serious dark circles. The point is it is bad. I could be female version of Zorro without even needing to wear the black mask. That means I spackle on a lot of cover-up, concealer and eye make-up to help remedy that problem. At night, when I remove my make-up I steer away from harsh removers. No need in making an already bad situation worse, am I right?  Instead, I use a crunchier method, coconut oil.  Call me a hippie, go ahead. I am ok with it. It is gentle on my skin and does the job. Even leaving a little bit of oil on the base of your eyelashes have been known to help them grow! Win/Win I say!

  • Body Moisturizer

The winter weather has a way of turning my legs and into the Mojave Desert. They itch, they are flaky and I can write my name on them. Gross right? Now, had I known about coconut oil beforehand I would have done a swan dive into a vat of coconut oil every winter season. Lucky for me, just a small spoonful will go a long way.  It is a great moisturizer, and has excellent hydrating ability. It also has been shown to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses due to the lauric acid which also explains why coconut oil is known to treat some skin infections.

  • For your Hair

Alright so we have nailed down that coconut oil is good for your health and for your skin but it can also do wonders for your hair too! You can make a coconut oil hair mask, leaving your hair silky and with tons of shine! Here is how you do it: Wash your hair at night, then heat up 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil in a pan on the stove (never in a microwave!) so that it is liquid and warm. After it has cooled down a little, apply it to your hair like you would a hair mask.  Wrap your hair in a plastic bag, t-shirt or shower cap and leave it in till the morning.  Wash it out when you wake up the next day and BAM, instant perfect hair day.

These are just a few of the 100’s of other uses of coconut oil. Hence why we are nuts about coconut oil!


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